Isaiah began as a PHP developer, co-founding a text-based MMORPG called RebelCamp. After that he grew his web development skills into Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Working as a freelance developer, he was able to hone his skills. Creating mini games in Javascript, as well as creating JS implementations of other games, like Minesweeper. Currently he is a Senior Developer at Singlebrook Technology, where he has been for over a decade. He took on the role of CTO at Peerfocus when Singlebrook acquired a majority stake in the company. He has a deep knowledge of ColdFusion and PostgreSQL and a few years of experience with Ruby on Rails. On the side he co-owns a woodworking business where he spends a couple days each week. Some of his technical skill comes through in the shop with building and maintaining a CNC machine and working with the software that runs it.